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Keeping IT Simple - Delivery Enablement

A no frills IT delivery, consulting and engagement company. Established in 2003 servicing well known brands. Providing IT leadership in delivery and support functions. Focused especially on enhancing team delivery skills and work ethics.  Always keen to share experience and enable positive outcomes. Will engage at all levels and build virtual and real teams utilising resources from inside and outside.  Ensuring that the overall goal is understood and focused on by all. Using tradditional work methods alongside those which are often broadcast as new but have effectively been the secret of sucess for many years in technology refresh, updates and of course the new. Contact us about how we can help move things forwards: Motorsport We are happy to support teams throughout the technology spectrum and also lead a junior Formula Ford FF1600 team competing sucessfully in the British National Series. Contact us about 2018 drives and engineering support.


Leadership and Collaboration Quick assessment of the as-is. Understanding of perception problem and desire. Facilitation of solution without pre detemined technical biase. Mobilisation and direction for delivery resources. Execution of pre detemined plans, management of risk and resolution of issues. Reporting of realisation and improvement. All can be applied both in development, improvement and remediation initiatives.
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